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TIPS Programs

TIPS is trained in all 50 states, U.S. territories, the District of Columbia, and over 50 countries. TIPS offers unique programs for a variety of venues where alcohol is served, sold, or consumed.

On Premise

TIPS for On Premise

The On Premise program, our core offering, is a 5-hour program designed for servers at restaurants, bars, hotels, in-store tastings, or other establishments where alcohol is consumed on the premises. Employees learn strategies that ensure responsible alcohol service, promote professionalism, and enhance customer service skills.

Off Premise

TIPS for Off Premise

The Off Premise program is a 3-hour program addressing the sale of alcohol at grocery stores, liquor stores, convenience stores and package stores. Clerks learn strategies for preventing illegal alcohol sales to underage and/or intoxicated patrons.


TIPS for Gaming

The Gaming program is a 5-hour program used by casinos, riverboats and gambling halls. This program focuses on the issues presented by guests receiving complimentary cocktails while gambling, as well as guests staying on property.


TIPS for Concessions

The Concessions program is a 3-hour program for environments such as stadiums, arenas, theaters, concert halls, fairs, amusement parks and festivals. The focus of this program is on assessing patrons in a short period of time to prevent illegal alcohol sales.


TIPS for University

The University program is a 2-hour program tailored for students at universities and colleges. This program gives students the skills they need to intervene with their peers in social situations to prevent alcohol-related incidents.


TIPS for Seniors

The Seniors program is a 2-hour program specifically for senior citizens. This program focuses on the special challenges alcohol consumption can pose for the elderly. Participants gain knowledge about intervention strategies targeted to this segment of the population.