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four smiling senior adults holding up wine glasses with red wine in it

TIPS for Seniors

Program Duration: 2 hours
Program Cost: Varies by trainer
Program Location:
Target Audience: Senior citizens in community groups, nursing homes, retirement homes, fraternal organizations and churches.
The Challenges: In an increasingly impersonal society, alcohol can bring people together. However, there can be special challenges when alcohol is misused by seniors, including health risks associated with mixing alcohol and medication and risks to the community group when individuals misuse alcohol in settings designed to promote social interaction.
The Solution: The TIPS approach recognizes that healthy seniors are often in the best position to promote their own health, as well as the safety of those around them. TIPS for Seniors focuses on adult situations where alcohol is part of social interaction and teaches individuals about the risks of over-consumption. The program also covers alcohol and drug interactions, and behavioral indications that can alert others when someone has had too much alcohol.
Additional Benefits: Participants improve their ability to communicate with friends and neighbors, and learn how to intervene when alcohol is consumed improperly.
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