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Alcohol Server and Seller Training

TIPS Proven Effective by Third-Party Studies
A field evaluation reveals that TIPS trained servers initiated more server interventions than untrained personnel. Moreover, patrons served by trained personnel reached substantially lower BAC's than those served by untrained servers. The study concludes that TIPS training can reduce drunk driving by helping decrease the exit BAC's of restaurant and bar patrons. In addition, the results support the efficacy of TIPS training and suggests the number of innocent victims in drunk driving crashes "will decrease, thereby averting death, injury, arrests, and the intense emotional pain caused by unnecessary alcohol-related accidents" if training is provided. Learn more.
Participants demonstrated great improvement in their knowledge and skills on several key areas after receiving TIPS training. Learn more.
The National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices (NREPP), a project of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), has determined that TIPS for the University meets the NREPP requirements. TIPS for the University was screened following the guidelines described in SAMHSA's June 30, 2009, Federal Register Notice. Learn more.
Millikin has used TIPS for the University as their premier alcohol education program for over five years. At Millikin, TIPS for the University is a required program for all incoming freshmen. The study summarizes:
  • Millikin's program goals
  • Millikin's Alcohol Education Philosophy
  • How Millikin implemented the TIPS program
  • How the TIPS program impacted Millikin University students.
Learn more.
The Center for Studies on Alcohol (Westat) conducted a study to evaluate the potential effectiveness of the TIPS for the University program in reducing high-risk drinking behavior. The subjects were 3,406 members of a national college fraternity. Within 6-months of implementing TIPS, the study shows that fraternity members? frequency of drinking, heavy drinking, and number of episodes a member drank to intoxication had all significantly declined. Learn more.
Beginning in the fall semester of 2009, Canisius College implemented the Golden Griffins CHOICES Grant to provide peer education through the leadership of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC). Canisius College decided to use TIPS for the University to train student leaders and other athletes. Their goal is to improve student alcohol awareness and safety. Learn more.
The Georgia Institute of Technology is internationally recognized for providing one of the best educational experiences available anywhere in the world. Find out how TIPS for the University plays a role at Georgia Tech and learn from some of the experiences of their trainers and students. Learn more.
The National Headquarters of Phi Gamma Delta requires that the majority of their chapters are TIPS trained. Learn more.
Over 100 Greek organizations have used TIPS training to prevent alcohol-related problems such as intoxication, drunk driving, underage drinking, property damage, and violence. Learn more.
More than 1,000 universities and colleges have used the TIPS for the University program. Learn more.