TIPS Partner programs offer a strategy for enhancing and expanding the educational opportunities that are available to your members and visitors.

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CJ Reseller

Marketing Referral Affiliates (CJ Network) 

Thank you for your interest in our TIPS Affiliate Program. By joining our TIPS Affiliate Program, you will be able to make a commission from any sale you drive for TIPS | 360training using the affiliate link that you will be given upon joining our program.

The commission rate starts at 20%.

To start, sign up with Commission Junction (also known as CJ, the affiliate network). It’s free. 

Once you are signed up, you can then apply to join our program by filling out the form above. After you have joined the TIPS | 360training program, you will be able to pull the appropriate affiliate course links from CJ to promote on your site. These links are how you will drive purchases to receive a commission IMMEDIATELY. 

Program Benefits: 

  • No sign-up fees, website requirements or marketing required 
  • No minimum sales required 
  • Earn 20% commission  
  • Potential to earn higher commission 
  • Exclusive coupons and discounts for the affiliate channel 

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Resellers and Private Storefront Affiliates

Private Seller

Private Storefront Affiliates

Do you have the skills and passion for running an online business? Our white-labeled storefront program is perfect for dedicated marketing professionals who want to know how to drive sales and make significant revenue online. By signing on as a Storefront Affiliate, you will receive your own custom storefront that users can access directly from your website. This requires a contract with annual revenue commitments each year. Only if you do not meet the annual revenue commitment, will you be subject to an annual license fee. There is also a one-time setup fee which includes the custom storefront build and access to the licensed courses. The commission included in this model is tiered and ranges from 25% - 40% depending on your monthly gross revenue. There is no limit on the success you can achieve. The rest is up to you! 


  • Must have experience in marketing and/or business
  • Must have an existing website
  • Contract required
  • Annual license threshold (this is a required minimum revenue over 12 months)
  • Subject to Annual License fee if minimum annual license threshold is not met
  • One-time set-up fee
  • Must have access to niche market as there is no ppc marketing


  • Highly profitable with commission ranges between 25%-40% dependent on monthly gross revenue.  
  • Becoming a Storefront Affiliate is a viable business option for successful marketing professionals. 
  • Being affiliated with TIPS, a trusted global brand with over 40 years of success training alcohol servers and sellers in various industries. 
  • Being affiliated with 360training, the leader in online training with over 11 million customers, cutting edge training platforms, and reliable sales system.

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You have a niche of customers who require alcohol server or seller training in their jobs. Becoming a product reseller is a great way to offer them that training and earn money while doing it. Our Reseller program is suited for anyone who wants to resell our online courses to businesses instead of individual consumers. This option is structured as monthly billing in arrears and can include integrations with 3rd party Learning Management Systems (LMS) through AICC, xAPI, or Simple SSO. Licensed courses will always include a wholesale cost per online course sold that is due to 360training. You can include TIPS as a featured product in your business marketing as well! You will never be limited to how many courses you can sell! The growth potential from reselling is completely up to you! 


  • Contract required
  • Must have an LMS license through TIPS|360training 
  • Annual License threshold (this is a required minimum revenue over 12 months)
  • Subject to Annual License fee if minimum annual threshold is not met
  • One-time set-up fee
  • Must make a dollar amount commitment per year in gross sales


TIPS is pioneer in alcohol server and seller training and certifies hundreds of thousands of participants every year! 

  • Simple to start selling with existing line of products.
  • This product category aligns very well with many industries such as insurance, bartending instruction, and security.
  • Unlimited sales potential. There is tremendous brand recognition and loyalty with TIPS products.
  • Recurring revenue stream. Customers always come back!

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