Posted on: April 12, 2023

Jobs After Waiting Tables: Alternative Careers for Bartenders and Servers

Jobs After Waiting Tables: Alternative Careers for Bartenders and Servers

Are you tired of bartending? Working as a bartender or server in the food and beverage industry can be a rewarding experience, but it's not always a lifelong career choice. Some individuals who start in these roles may find that they crave change and want to pursue different opportunities. 

However, working as a bartender or server can provide you with a range of valuable skills and experiences that will be beneficial throughout your career, meaning there are plenty of alternative careers available for those who have worked as bartenders or servers. This post will highlight some of the most promising career paths for former bartenders and servers. 

Benefits of Bartending and Serving 

Here are some of the many potential benefits of bartending and working in the service industry:


Many service industry jobs offer flexible scheduling options, which can be particularly beneficial for individuals with other commitments, such as students, parents, or caregivers.


In many service industry jobs, such as in restaurants or bars, workers can earn tips in addition to their base pay, which can significantly increase their earning potential.

Social Interaction

Working in the service industry often involves a lot of interaction with customers, which can be a great way to develop social skills and build relationships with others.

Skill Development  

Service industry jobs can provide opportunities to develop a range of skills, such as communication, problem-solving, time management, and teamwork.

Fast-Paced Environment  

Many service industry jobs involve working in a fast-paced environment, which can be exciting and challenging for individuals who enjoy a dynamic work environment.

Opportunities for Advancement  

Some service industry jobs offer opportunities for advancement, such as becoming a supervisor or manager, which can lead to higher pay and increased responsibility.

Working in the service industry can be a great way to gain valuable skills, earn money, and interact with a wide range of people.

Is Being a Server Worth It? 

Bartenders and servers develop useful skills and experiences that can be transferable to various industries and positions. Working as a bartender or having server experience demonstrates that you carry a variety of skills that will be valuable throughout your career. Possessing the versatile skills needed to be a server or bartender makes you a highly desirable candidate for various positions across multiple industries.

Here are some of the valuable skills you will learn in the service industry: 

Customer Service 

Bartenders and servers often interact directly with customers, which can help develop strong customer service skills, such as communication, problem-solving, and conflict resolution. 

Time Management 

In busy restaurants or bars, you must be able to manage your time effectively to keep up with the demands of the job. This skill can be valuable in any career that requires strong time management skills. 


As a waiter, you must often juggle multiple tasks, such as taking orders, preparing drinks or food, and handling payments. Developing strong multi-tasking skills can be beneficial in many different careers. 

Attention to Detail 

In the service industry, even small mistakes can significantly impact the customer experience. Bartenders and servers must develop strong attention to detail to ensure that orders are accurate and customer needs are met.


Bartenders and servers must work together in busy restaurants or bars to ensure everything runs smoothly. Developing strong teamwork skills can benefit any career requiring collaboration and cooperation.

Sales Skills 

In some service industry jobs, such as in bars or restaurants, the job may require upselling or recommending certain products to customers. Developing strong sales skills can be valuable in any career that involves selling products or services. 


Punctuality is likely a natural habit for most people. Arriving late or failing to show up is a quick way to jeopardize a restaurant job. Therefore, servers should arrive early enough to stow away personal belongings, put on their apron, and be prepared to begin work as soon as the shift starts. Demonstrating punctuality is a quality that prospective employers will admire.


Chances are, as a waiter or bartender, you already have a vast network, as socializing with people is an integral part of your job. Fortunately, networking is a crucial aspect of securing a good job. Any level of familiarity or shared interests that you can establish with people tends to make them more sympathetic and willing to help you.

It’s clear that you gain many valuable skills as a bartender or server that can be beneficial throughout your career, regardless of the industry or job. 

Alternative Careers for Bartenders and Servers 

Looking for good jobs for ex-bartenders or jobs after waiting tables? Although there are many benefits of bartending and being a server, some individuals choose to pursue new career opportunities

After working as a bartender or in a server position, you may choose to pursue an entirely different field or continue working in a similar position. Here are some of the leading alternative careers for servers and bartenders where you can apply your bartending and server experience and skills. 

Restaurant Manager

Many restaurants prefer to promote internally. Therefore, your experience working as a server or waiter may offer more growth opportunities, allowing you more chances to reach management roles in your current company or in the restaurant industry. 

Sales Representative 

The social skills you gain from bartending, or waiting tables can also help you succeed as a salesperson. As a bartender or server, you likely have skills in customer service, communication, and sales, which means roles in sales, such as retail sales or business-to-business (B2B) sales may be great options for you. 

Customer Service Representative 

Bartenders interact with customers closely on a daily basis, meaning they often make ideal candidates for customer service and client support roles. The strong customer service skills developed while working as a server or waiter can be applied to customer service roles in many different industries, such as call centers, retail, or hospitality. 

Event Planner 

If you have experience working at events, such as weddings or corporate events, then event planning or management may be a well-suited for career for you. 

Marketing and Consulting  

Roles in marketing, particularly in product marketing or consumer marketing, allow you to apply the skills you developed while recommending products and upselling to customers. Bartenders can also use their bar industry knowledge to work as consultant for beverage companies or restaurant chains. 

Personal Assistant

Your strong time management, organization, and communication skills are valued for roles as personal assistants to busy professionals or executives. 


Given your customer service experience and great attention to detail, bartenders and servers may be in demand for positions in the hospitality industry, such as hotel front desk receptionist or concierge. 

Retail Sales Associate  

Working as a bartender or waiter gives you experience working with customers and a proven track record of selling products, making you an excellent candidate for retail sales associate roles. 

As a bartender or server, you can leverage your experience and skills in various industries and positions, particularly those that require strong customer service, sales, and communication skills. 

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