Choosing a Program

There are many factors to consider when choosing an alcohol server training program. The following are some points to keep in mind when you need to select a program for your establishment or corporation.
image The program was created by experts in the fields of alcohol, training, hospitality and psychology.
What company or organization provides the program? Are the program developers knowledgeable in the subject matter? What experience do they have?
image The program has legitimate data proving its effectiveness.
Has the program been proven to work? Are there credentials that prove its effectiveness?
image The program complies with local laws.
Is it approved by the state and/or local liquor agencies? Are local laws incorporated into the training?
image The curriculum covers information about alcohol and provides skills training in intervention techniques.
Is this a comprehensive program? Does it incorporate both information and skills training?
image The material is presented in an interactive manner.
Does the program format allow for interaction with other individuals and feedback from other program participants or trainers?

If the program is delivered online, does it offer opportunities for participants to become involved with the program concepts, review key ideas, and actively demonstrate understanding?
image The program is recognized by insurance companies across the country.
Does implementation of the program result in discounts on liquor liability insurance premiums for your organization?
image The program keeps permanent records of your certification.
Can the program providers produce records verifying certification of your employees? How long are those records kept?
image You must demonstrate your grasp of program concepts to become certified in the program.
Is an exam administered by a third party to verify participants' comprehension of the program material?
image The recertification process is simple and inexpensive.
How often do you and your employees need to recertify? Do the providers support you through this process?
image The program comes in different versions targeted to meet your needs.
Is the program offered in audience-specific versions, tailored to different venues?
image The program offers support for certified trainers.
If trainers have questions about the material, do the program providers offer support to assist them? Can trainers interact with the program providers through web-based services?
image The program takes a positive approach to the sale of alcohol.
Does the program advocate responsible and safe use or does it take a prohibitionist stance toward the sale/use of alcohol?
For answers to these questions about TIPS or for more information about choosing a program, contact us at 1-800-GET-TIPS® or e-mail Sales.
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