TIPS Success Stories

Millions Saved in Claims (NY)
The Volunteer Fireman's Insurance Fund faced nearly $2 million in liquor-liability claims. Since implementing TIPS training, no claims for alcohol-related incidents have been filed.

Independent Research Proves TIPS Effective
In a study funded by the federal government and General Motors, TIPS was proven effective at preventing intoxication. Half of the servers in two establishments were TIPS trained. Researchers then attempted to become intoxicated in those establishments. Almost 50% of those served by non-TIPS-trained servers reached a BAC of .10, above the legal limit for driving. None of the researchers served by TIPS-trained servers became intoxicated.

Drunk Driving Arrests Slashed by 50% (MA)
During one summer season in Edgarton, MA police made over 60 DUI arrests. The town council voted to shorten the serving hours in an effort to address the drunk driving problem. As an alternative, the retailers proposed to TIPS-train every server for the next season. The number of arrests dropped by more than 50% the following year.

Judge Waives Server Penalty Due to TIPS Training (MI)
An establishment was caught in a sting operation and faced a stiff penalty. Before going to court, the manager had her employees trained in TIPS. When the judge learned that the employees were TIPS-trained, he waived the server's fine and, instead, placed the establishment on probation for 6 months.

Verdict: Not Guilty! (MA)
A juror in a liquor-liability lawsuit concluded that it was the testimony of a TIPS-trained server that swayed the jury's decision in favor of the establishment.

Violations Evaporate after TIPS Training (NJ)
A national restaurant chain had incurred more than $100,000 in ABC fines in the northeast region. The Regional Manager implemented TIPS throughout the region. In the next 12-month period, there was a violation in only one restaurant: the sole restaurant that was not TIPS-trained.

Enforcement Agents Partner with Local Licensees (CO)
Silverthorn police were having a difficult time with their off-premise licensees. The relationships were strained, even adversarial. After learning how TIPS training can build rapport among enforcement officers and licensees, several officers became certified TIPS trainers and offered TIPS training to local licensees. The situation completely turned around, and a new cooperative relationship developed between the enforcement officers and the local licensees.

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