Certification Manager

As an additional service to customers, Health Communications Inc. provides a web-based training management tool that allows TIPS trainers to monitor and manage their training sessions and participants. Customers who are not TIPS-certified can access the Training Portal to view and register for scheduled sessions and workshops, and submit training requests. Certified TIPS trainers can access the Training Portal to update their contact information, renew their annual certification, order training materials, and print participant exams and other resources.

For more advanced features, TIPS trainers and customers can upgrade their accounts to access any of the following Certification Training Solutions:

Training Portal
(free with 
CM for eLearning
(per user/per year)
CM Tools
(per user/per year)
CM Tools Plus
(per user/per year)
Recertify online X X X
Check TIPS cards online X X X X
Order training materials X X X X
Validate certifications for one participant X X X X
Validate certifications for a group of participants X X
View summaries of exam results for a session X X X
View summaries of exam and evaluation results by trainer X X
Track participants you have trained X X X
Track participants trained by any trainer within a property X X X
Track participants trained by any trainer across an organization X
Manage pre-paid passports X X
Print standardized training activity reports X X
Export reports in CSV format X X
Schedule customized reports X

Other subscription options include:

  • eBevLaw - $349.99 (per user/per year)

    Access an exhaustive, frequently updated database of jurisdiction-specific laws and regulations that govern the sale, consumption, promotion and liability of alcohol beverages. Generate reports and automatically receive notifications and updates. This can be added to an existing subscription.

  • Authenticated Participant List - Cost: $30.00 (ready in 2 days) or $50.00 (ready in 2-3 hours)

    Review a validated participant list for a particular establishment. It is an official document representing the individuals who have been trained in TIPS at the specific establishment or organization, based on information supplied by those individuals and course instructors at the time they were trained. This document can be presented as a legal document for use in court proceedings or hearings.

  • Certification Manager State Level - Cost: $499.99 (per user/per year)

    Gain real-time insight into educational and training activities within a specific jurisdiction. Provides immediate access to information about TIPS and can easily accommodate other regulated activities or training programs. Regulators can monitor the activities of licensees, including organizational and human resources activities, training activities, licensing and permits, and violations issued against licenses.

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