Law Enforcement

Your efforts to ensure the safety of your citizens can sometimes place you in an adversarial relationship with local businesses which may not be fully compliant with the law. TIPS can offer you a means to improve relations with local business owners and ensure stronger compliance with local statutes. By providing TIPS training to licensees you can begin to create partnerships and work together to prevent issues that surround the misuse of alcohol.

In addition, TIPS stands out among other alcohol server training programs due to our extensive experience and the additional resources we offer law enforcement beyond the training. As part of our training support, we offer access to a database of State Alcohol Laws & Regulations. The database contains a state-by-state breakdown of the laws and regulations governing the promotion, sale, and service of alcohol beverages, and highlights any special liability pertaining to specific states or jurisdictions. View a sample report.

The State Alcohol Laws & Regulations database is available free-of-charge to all active TIPS trainers, and to Certification Manager subscribers as part of their paid subscriptions.

Through this frequently updated database, users can research:

1. Rules governing liability and legal information
2. General information regarding the laws and regulations in a specific jurisdiction
3. Policies regarding sales to minors
4. Server/seller training requirements by jurisdiction
5. Unique requirements related to the sale, service, or consumption of alcohol
6. Contact information for regulatory officials and enforcement agents.

Trainers can also call or e-mail our Government Relations Department at any time for more information. Below are some additional resources:

Certification Manager
Our web-based tool, Certification Manager, allows trainers to track the training activity within their community. TIPS trainers receive a complimentary subscription to Certification Manager as part of their certification.

Regulatory Database
Our Laws and Regulations database is a comprehensive and up-to-date listing of all state and local laws and regulations that govern the sale, consumption, and promotion of alcohol beverages. Click on the link to see a sample page. Access to the regulatory database is available to TIPS trainers free of charge, or can be purchased on a subscription basis.

TIPS Trainer Marketing Kit
The TIPS Trainer Marketing Kit is designed to help independent trainers market their TIPS training. In this kit, we have put together specifics about the TIPS program and we offer general marketing information and tips for closing the sale. The tools in this kit will help you make effective marketing presentations and can help expand the opportunities for training. Health Communications, Inc. has over twenty-five years of experience in marketing TIPS nationwide. We have heard all the reasons people give to explain why they donít need TIPS and we know all the benefits the program can offer. Our experience can assist your department as you work to implement your TIPS training goals.

TIPS Trainer Referral Program
The referral program is designed to support trainers who want to offer TIPS training to the wider community. The TIPS website receives thousands of visitors in need of TIPS training. The referral program can assist your department as your enforcement officers work to expand training across the community.

TIPS Newsletters
We circulate electronic newsletters each month to spread TIPS-related news and announcements, remind trainers of important concepts and industry developments, and share training techniques with other TIPS trainers. Click on the link to view the most current edition, go to our newsletter archive, and/or subscribe to our newsletter.

Industry Links
View information and web links to TIPS trainers; insurance providers and agents that provide liquor liability coverage; and sources of funding, including federal, state and private grants researched by TIPS staff.

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