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Whatever role your organization plays in the community, TIPS can help you reach your goals. TIPS stands out among other alcohol training programs due to our extensive experience and the many resources, beyond quality training, that we offer our clients. For more information about how TIPS can help serve your organization, click on your industry group from among those presented below:

As an organizer and communicator in the fight against drunk driving, underage drinking, and intoxication, you serve a critical role in raising awareness and bringing solutions to your community. TIPS can be the catalyst that cements relationships among key stakeholders and offers a common message that promotes responsible alcohol consumption.

Law Enforcement
Your efforts to ensure the safety of your citizens can sometimes place you in an adversarial relationship with local businesses which may not be fully compliant with the law. TIPS can offer you a means to improve relations with local business owners and ensure stronger compliance with local statutes. By providing TIPS training to licensees you can begin to create partnerships and work together to prevent issues that surround the misuse of alcohol.

Developing effective regulations guiding the sale and use of alcohol is a serious and sometimes daunting job. Through our partnerships with regulators across the nation, we have experience in developing roadmaps that will lead to common-sense regulations that benefit both the community and the businesses you serve.

Creating an effective alcohol prevention program for college students is a daunting job. When deciding on the best way to reach your students, it is important to choose a program and implement practices that are time-tested and proven effective. TIPS has worked extensively with educational institutions throughout the country who recognize TIPS as the premier provider of alcohol-related educational materials and training. These partnerships represent over 25 years of experience that you can put to work to meet the challenges in your own environment.

Insurance Carriers and Agencies
Some of the largest jury awards in the United States have involved establishments that over-served alcohol. If even one of the establishments you insure fails to serve alcohol responsibly, you could lose millions. TIPS provides a “reasonable efforts defense” in court and is proven effective in reducing alcohol-related incidents such as drunk driving, underage drinking, intoxication, and alcohol-related property damage. Many carriers either require TIPS or offer premium discounts to establishments that have TIPS-certified employees.

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