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Both online and classroom learning are very effective. Each method of instruction has its merits and can meet your training needs. We've designed ALL of our TIPS training programs in a way that can work for both.

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Training in Classrooms


  • Meets the needs of ESL students
  • More focus on interpersonal skills
  • Ensures training is completed in one sitting
  • Suits individuals or businesses not equipped for computer-based training
  • Good fit for businesses with an in-house training department

Benefits of Classroom Training


  • TIPS conducts all sessions through a certified trainer with extensive work experience.Trainers can adjust content focus to meet students' needs and level of understanding
  • Face-to-face interaction and practice
  • Trainer can incorporate house policies or group-specific information
  • Participants can share experiences, solutions, and techniques
  • Trainer can provide immediate assistance and answer questions
Bartender Serving Alcohol

Why Students Choose TIPS Classroom Training

Not only will you learn skills for handling situations, but you'll also become better at your job and be a more attractive candidate. PLUS TIPS offers you protections:

  • The insurance industry discounts liquor liability premiums up to 25% for TIPS-certified clients.
  • Courts recognize TIPS as the standard for server training programs.
  • Liquor boards mitigate fines and penalties for violators who incorporate TIPS training at their establishments.
  • Hotels, restaurants, and bars across the country reap the benefits of more professional wait staff and more satisfied customers.
Classroom Training

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Submit a request for classroom training from TIPS trainers in your region. Within 24-48 hours of your request, trainers will contact you to set up a TIPS training session that works for you. Depending on the number of participants that need training, trainers will come to your location.


Find Classroom Training

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Classroom Training

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