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Purchase eTIPS Pre-Paid Passports

eTIPS Pre-Paid Passports offer establishments, corporations, and organizations the flexibility of pre-ordering eTIPS registrations. For each passport that you purchase, we will send you a unique registration code with instructions on how to access the course. You then simply distribute these passports to the people who need to get certified. (Please note that our passports are available only for multiple registrations.)

eTIPS On Premise Passports

Online course for people who work in restaurants, bars, hotels, nightclubs or other places that serve alcohol to be consumed on the premises.

eTIPS Off Premise Passports

Online course for clerks and operators who work in convenience, grocery, or package stores.

eTIPS Gaming Passports

Online course for people who work in the casino or gaming industry.


eTIPS Concessions Passports

Online course for people who work at stadiums, arenas, amphitheaters, and festivals.

eTIPS University Passports

Online course for students and faculty, on and off university and college campuses. Learn More.

image of an eTIPS Pre-Paid Passport


Contact your Account Manager at 800-438-8477 or email eTIPS Online Training Department.