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Alcohol Server Training Law Non-Regulated
Recommended Course
Approved TIPS Programs Classroom: On Premise, Off Premise, Concessions, and Gaming
Online: eTIPS is valid for certification. Some MA jurisdictions, such as Ashland, Worcester, Chicopee, Natick and Westborough, do not accept web-based training. Please see our classroom training options.
Can I become a Certified TIPS Trainer? Yes. Browse upcoming train-the-trainer workshops.
State Agency Massachusetts Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission
Requirements N/A
Certification TIPS Certification is valid for 3 years.
Age to consume 21
Age to pour 18
Age to Sell 18
Age to Serve 18
Notes on Selling or Serving N/A
Dram Shop Liability Laws No
Acceptable Forms of ID A valid Massachusetts driver license, a valid Massachusetts Liquor Identification card, a valid Massachusetts identification card, a valid Passport issued by the United States government, or by a government that is recognized by the United States government, a Passport card for a Passport issued by the United States, and a valid Military Identification Card.

A licensee may use their own judgment to accept out-of-state forms of identification. However, reliance by a licensee on any other form of identification to determine proof of age does not give the licensee a defense. If a licensee sells alcohol to a minor, the owner has a defense if the store relied on a Massachusetts license as proof of age. The licensee can be penalized if employees relied on an out-of-state license that is found to be a false ID.