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Alcohol Server Training Law Non-Regulated
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Approved TIPS Programs Classroom: On Premise, Off Premise, Concessions, and Gaming
Online: eTIPS is valid for certification
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State Agency Mississippi Alcoholic Beverage Control
Requirements N/A
Certification TIPS Certification is valid for 3 years.
Age to consume State law is 21; however, it is legal for underage people between the ages of 18-20 to consume beer and light wine if accompanied by a parent or guardian. A person who is at least eighteen (18) years of age and who is serving in the armed services of the United States may lawfully possess and consume light wine or beer on military property where the consumption of light wine or beer is allowed.
Age to pour 21 to bartend at an on-premise retail establishment.
Age to Sell For beer only licensed premises, anyone who is legally employed may sell or otherwise handle beer, regardless of age. 21 for package stores.
Age to Serve For ABC or alcohol licensed premises, employment to persons under 21 is generally prohibited. However, someone at least 18 years of age may wait tables, take orders and deliver alcohol products to the table IF that is in the normal scope of his/her employment. This exception does not allow someone to serve as a bartender or manager of the premises.

At an ABC licensed premises, someone under 21 years of age may unload sealed cartons, boxes or similar shipping packages of alcohol products provided the package remains sealed at all times. Someone under 21 years of age may work as an entertainer at ABC licensed premises.
Notes on Selling or Serving State law prohibits permit holders from serving alcohol to a "visibly intoxicated person." A person can be arrested for public drunkenness in licensed establishments but no certain BAC is required to do so.
Dram Shop Liability Laws Yes
Acceptable Forms of ID Any state driver's license, or military ID, or any government-issued photo ID. It is not required for someone to have an identification card on them in order to be served alcohol.