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Alcohol Server Training Law Voluntary
Recommended Course
Approved TIPS Programs Classroom: On Premise, Off Premise, Concessions, and Gaming
Online: eTIPS is valid for certification
Can I become a Certified TIPS Trainer? Yes. Browse upcoming train-the-trainer workshops.
State Agency South Carolina Department of Revenue, Alcohol Beverage Licensing
Requirements N/A
Certification TIPS Certification is valid for 3 years.
Age to consume 21
Age to pour 21
Age to Sell No age limit if selling beer and wine in sealed containers only. May not sell distilled spirits.
Age to Serve 18
Notes on Selling or Serving A separate on premises consumption license will no longer be required to purchase alcoholic liquor in mini-bottles for sale to customers. A Liquor by the Drink license is required to sell from any size bottle, except 1.76ml.
Dram Shop Liability Laws South Carolina does not have specific Dram Shop laws, but it does recognize an injured third party’s right to pursue the seller of alcohol for damages caused by the acts of an intoxicated adult patron. Specifically, to pursue such an action, the injured party must apply the criminal statutes governing alcohol control (S.C. Code Ann. 61-4-580) and demonstrate the permit holder knowingly sold beer or wine to an intoxicated person.

South Carolina does not recognize 'first party' cause of action against a licensed establishment by an intoxicated adult. An intoxicated patron cannot come back with an injury or damages law suit against a licensed establishment because these actions are considered to be of his or her own conduct.
Acceptable Forms of ID Driver's license from any state, or South Carolina issued ID card with photo and birth date, or US military identification, or US passport or US passport card.