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Alcohol Server Training Law Mandatory
Recommended Course
Approved TIPS Programs Classroom: On Premise, Off Premise, Concessions, and Gaming
Online: eTIPS is approved by the Utah Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health.
Can I become a Certified TIPS Trainer? Yes. Browse upcoming train-the-trainer workshops. Training supplemental material is required.
State Agency Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control
Requirements Training is mandatory for anyone involved in the sale or service of alcohol.
Certification Certification is valid for 3 years for On Premise, 5 years for Off Premise.
Age to consume 21
Age to pour 21
Age to Sell 21 unsupervised. Persons 16 or older can sell beer in an off-premise licensed establishment as long as they are directly supervised by someone 21 years or older who has also been trained.
Age to Serve 21
Notes on Selling or Serving A restaurant licensee may not sell, offer for sale, or furnish an alcoholic product except in connection with an order for food prepared, sold, and furnished at the licensed premises. The DABC's best practice requires that a food order must be placed prior to service of the alcoholic beverage.

A person may not sell, offer to sell, or otherwise furnish any alcoholic beverage to any minor or to any person who is actually or apparently intoxicated, or to any know interdicted person.
Dram Shop Liability Laws Yes. Alcohol licensees must have a minimum of $1,000,000 per occurrence, and $2,000,000 in the aggregate.
Acceptable Forms of ID Valid driver's license, or valid state ID, or valid military ID with picture, or valid passport or passport card. IDs must have a photograph, not expired, and no evidence of tampering. A driving privilege card is NOT acceptable proof of age for the purchase/service of alcoholic beverages. Alien ID cards are NOT accepted as proof of identity for the purchase of alcoholic beverages. Identification is only required to be on someone's person if age is in question by server/retailer.