TIPS programs are designed for every industry that serves or sells alcohol. TIPS helps you create a responsible environment, reduce liability, and maintain high standards of incredible service.



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TIPS is part of the 360training family of businesses. This allows you to pair TIPS alcohol safety training with Learn2Serve Food Handler and/or Food Manager training. Speak with our sales department about our packages with both food and alcohol training.

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Industries most suited for this course

Bars, Restaurants, Taverns, Pubs, Golf Courses, or other places where alcohol is consumed by-the-glass in open containers on the premises.

Who should take this course?

Restaurant, bar, hotel, in-store tasting, nightclub, or movie theater staff, valets, security, housekeeping, front desk, hostess

Also recommended for any individuals hosting or volunteering at events where alcohol by the glass is consumed.

The TIPS On-Premise course is designed for individuals serving alcohol by-the-drink, in open containers, for immediate consumption, on the premises. The course is specifically tailored for anyone working at restaurants, bars, and catering events, or any other venue where alcohol is consumed or served in the away-from-home market. If you are a bartender, waiter, server, busser, valet, host, or any front-of-the-house employee you should be On-Premise certified to prevent the misuse of alcohol and limit exposure to alcohol-related liabilities.


Industries most suited for this course

Liquor, convenience, grocery stores, or packaged goods stores where alcohol is sold in sealed containers for consumption off the premises or at home.

Who should take this course?

Clerks and managers

The TIPS Off-Premise course is designed for the retail environment including but not limited to liquor stores, grocery markets, convenience stores, beverage barns, wineries, packaged goods stores, club stores, or anywhere alcohol is sold in sealed containers, in bulk, kegs, etc, for consumption off the premises in the at-home market.


Industries most suited for this course

Grocery stores, convenience stores, liquor and package stores, specialty retail stores, and bars or restaurants that offer delivery or takeout alcohol services.

Who should take this course?

Any individual delivering or handling alcohol or cocktails-to-go as part of a grocery, alcohol or takeout delivery service.

TIPS Off-Premise and Delivery is a 100% online program designed to help participants learn safety techniques to prevent intoxication, drunk driving, and underage drinking among the patrons they sell or deliver alcohol to. This program focuses on the concerns of retail grocery stores, liquor stores, gas stations, convenience stores, specialty retail stores, and bars or restaurants that offer alcohol delivery or takeout services.


Industries most suited for this course

Casinos, riverboats, racetracks, gambling halls where alcohol is consumed in open containers on the premises.

Who should take this course?

Casino, gambling hall, racetrack, or riverboat staff including but not limited to security, valet, cocktail servers, front desk.

The TIPS Gaming Course is designed for casinos, gambling halls, racetracks, riverboats, or any location where consumers are consuming alcohol by-the-drink and gambling. Ideally, anyone working at a gambling establishment should be TIPS Certified to manage the risks associated with alcohol consumption and prevent unintended consequences on the premises.


Industries most suited for this course

Stadiums, arenas, festivals, concert halls, sporting events, fairs that serve alcohol beverages.

Who should take this course?

Stadium, festival, arena, or civic center workers or volunteers that serve or interact with patrons who may consume alcohol beverages.

The TIPS Concessions program is tailored to alcohol sellers at event venues such as stadiums, arenas, concerts, fairs, festivals, etc., or anywhere alcohol is purchased from vendors and consumed on the premises. The most challenging issue at these venues is large crowds and speed of service. The Concessions program will provide participants with the knowledge and training to manage alcohol sales responsibly within this unique environment.


Industries most suited for this course

Colleges, Universities, Technical Schools, etc. where alcohol is consumed on or off campus.

Who should take this course?

Panhellenic, athletic, and student-run groups in addition to student orientation or high school senior college prep programs.

TIPS University is specifically designed for college and university students to empower them with the knowledge and skills to manage potential alcohol-related issues on and off campus, including but not limited to drunk driving, underage drinking, and intoxication. The TIPS University course is ideal for Panhellenic, athletic, and student-run groups in addition to student orientation or high school senior college prep programs.

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  • Developed by one of the world's foremost authorities on alcohol use and abuse, TIPS maintains a high standard with the content for each program.
  • TIPS delivers consistently high-quality programs across six (6) alcohol serving industries where alcohol is served, sold, or consumed in all 50 states including Washington DC and internationally. Each TIPS program:
    • Presents the legal responsibilities for selling and serving alcohol, explains the types of illegal sales, and provides extensive information about checking IDs and documenting incidents.
    • Describes how alcohol affects people, signs of intoxication to look for, and relevant information about alcohol that a server can use to serve more responsibly.
    • Allows the participant to apply the legal information to real-life situations.
    • Gives the participant numerous guidelines for providing customer-friendly, responsible alcohol service.
    • Allows the participant to apply the intervention information to real-life scenarios.

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  • TIPS provides a dynamic course experience. Each course includes detailed content and quizzes, real-life videos, and interactive activities so participants can recognize potential problems and intervene to prevent alcohol-related tragedies.
  • The TIPS certification process sharpens the skills and knowledge necessary for responsible service of alcohol.
  • In addition to fulfilling regulatory requirements, TIPS training covers mitigation strategies that result in increased professionalism and improved customer service among staff.
  • TIPS is proven to be a practical and effective method of reducing drunk driving and underage drinking.

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  • In third-party liquor liability lawsuits, TIPS provides a “reasonable efforts defense.”
  • TIPS training satisfies requirements in almost all states that have mandatory or voluntary server training laws.
  • TIPS training provides a means of mitigating ABC violations, often resulting in lowered fines and a waiver of license suspensions.
  • Courts, liquor boards, and businesses recognize TIPS as the standard for server training programs.
  • Potential to earn discounts on liquor liability insurance from over 70 insurance companies nationwide.
  • TIPS training satisfies the server training requirements set forth by insurance companies.
  • By training your staff to recognize signs of intoxication, you can reduce the chance that an alcohol-related incident will occur; improve customer service and satisfaction; and promote community safety.

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