TIPS For Gaming

Program Duration: 5 hours

Program Cost: Varies by trainer (Online $40)

Program Location: Request classroom training

Target Audience: casinos, gaming halls, riverboats, and any other establishment where the stakes are high.

The Challenges: People often enjoy a special excitement when visiting casinos. They sometimes play it close to the edge, even though some bets are not worth taking. Within this arena, special challenges often arise -- drinkers may lose track with complimentary cocktails and, since they often stay on property and don't have to drive home, they may not moderate their own drinking behavior as they otherwise would.


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The Solution: TIPS for Gaming teaches your staff how to recognize when a guest is intoxicated or underage. In addition to preventing illegal alcohol sales, casino employees learn how to handle patrons who have had too much and keep them from harming themselves and others.

Additional Benefits: TIPS training can help improve relations with your community. TIPS training demonstrates a commitment to work to prevent alcohol-related problems and a desire to be a part of the solution. Liquor and gaming boards tend to look favorably on establishments that incorporate TIPS, which can lead to more lenient penalties in the event of an alcohol violation. TIPS for Gaming can also help a company protect itself from possible litigation and often results in reduced liability insurance premiums.

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