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Virtual TIPS Sessions

A virtual TIPS session is where a certified trainer conducts a LIVE TIPS class remotely using a video/web conferencing platform. Benefits include:

  • Contactless LIVE training.
  • Convenience of training anywhere, anytime.
  • No more paper exams.
  • Quicker exam results.
  • Saves time and $$$.

To learn more about the options and benefits of virtual TIPS training, click the links below:

TIPS Trainers can find many helpful resources for conducting virtual training sessions and using Exam Vouchers in their TIPS Training Portal or by contacting their Account Manager.

Become a TIPS Trainer or ask your trainer if they offer Virtual TIPS Sessions.

For our certified TIPS Trainers
the process is simple:

Download Training
  • Trainers have access to training decks, via their Training Portal, that includes all the TIPS content and videos for our On Premise, Off Premise, Concessions, Gaming, and University programs.
Choose a Delivery
  • Trainers can choose from a number video conferencing platforms to conduct their sessions, including Zoom and Google Classroom.
  • The platform will need both screen share and video capabilities.
  • Participants will need access to a video camera.
Register Your Virtual
TIPS Session
  • Trainers must pre-register their virtual TIPS sessions via their Training Portal.
Purchase Exam
Conduct TIPS
  • Trainers can provide an electronic TIPS manual to each participant in their virtual session.
Administer Online/
Proctored Exam
  • Previously purchased exam vouchers can be administered at the conclusion of the TIPS session.
  • Exam are proctored via video.